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 The Strange Convergence of  Science, Myth, and Art

Tracking Symbolism to Its Factual Basis

From Art to Psyche, Myth, and Complexity Science--and Back Again

I began this unexpected journey in the realms of art, theater, and literature. My sense that symbolic expression represented aspects of reality that could not be accessed in any other way led me to the study of depth psychology, and that to the realm of mythology, and that to postmodern thought, and that--most surprisingly--to the stunning new world view of complexity science. But the most profound aspect of this trajectory is how it bends back upon itself. I have learned how this recent science both validates and elaborates all these other domains of knowledge--as representations of "how the world actually works."

Exploring A New Reality through Artistic Representation--

                         And Art through a New Scientific World View

The new view of "how things happen" presented by the new science reveals that we moderns have not only misunderstood reality, but also the essential role metaphoric symbolism plays in appreciating its hidden dynamics. Employing the perspective of the new science we can see how modern art actually anticipated it.  My work is to assist you in engaging this new scientific world view through your experience of creating and engaging all forms of artistic expression.

     Leslie Emery, PhD

Psychological Mythology

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